The HOWITZER SNAFU KIT is for commercial ¾ ton and one ton vehicles 

Historically, artillery, or indirect fire weapons, has been the most casualty producing weapon on the battlefield.  They’re the big guns.  The biggest SNAFU KIT, known as The Howitzer,  is named after the most famous of all the big guns. 

The M592 ammo cans house a variety of artillery fuzes and ammunition over the years, including the belt fed ammo currently used by the Navy’s MK-15 Phalanx Gatling Gun. 


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Kit Contents: 

SNAFU KIT AMMO CAN: 30 MM “Howitzer:” approx. 18.6” L x 9.5” W x 14.6” H

The SNAFU KIT ammunition cans are constructed from rugged carbon steel and aluminum. 

These ammo cans are official decommissioned equipment from the US military. They may have a few minor scratches, small dings, and dents. These cans have been used on military ranges across the country and are the same type of cans used in war zones across the world. These have been used by the US Military since 1942. The imperfections tell the story. Patinas of freedom. 

US Military ammo cans are constructed from rugged metal (carbon steel and aluminum). They feature a hinged lid with tension clamp down, a waterproof rubber seal on the lid and carrying handles. 


The SNAFU KIT hitch with recovery Shackle has an Innovative block design with a working load limit of 19,000 lbs and capable of standard recovery ops in any SNAFU. Safer than attaching a tow strap to a receiver ball

Fits all standard 2.5 inch receivers and 7/8 screw pin shackle rings. Shackle Block includes 2 pin mounting points for vertical block configuration and 1 pin mount hole for horizontal block configuration and includes a shackle rated at 13,000 lbs.

Double protection, Electro-galvanized and Powder coated, UV and abrasion resistant.

Dual hitch pin holes allow flexibility to connect the shackle horizontally or vertically, to connect your tow strap during a SNAFU.


Kinetic Recovery Ropes (also known as a snatch ropes or yanker ropes) are designed to stretch, to smoothly transfer the kinetic energy of a recovering vehicle to a vehicle that is stuck. The ability of the rope to stretch is key, and sets the design of a Kinetic Recovery Rope apart from a typical tow rope or tow strap.

  • Safest and easiest recovery tool for 4x4s.

  • 45% stronger and lighter than wire rope

  • Mildew, rot, and UV resistant

  • Double braided 100% nylon rope that naturally stretches up to 30% of original length

  • Safe working load: 18,711 lbs.

  • Breaking Capacity: 37,422  lbs


The special forces solid handle shovel is modeled after an original Soviet ‘Spetsnaz’ military entrenching tool. This durable and effective shovel has a solid hardwood handle, a broad flat steel blade and 3 sharp edges. A popular tool with military and special operations units worldwide, used to dig foxholes and bunkers, cut ground roots and debris, build shelters, frying pan, and even used as an improvised paddle.  and even as a weapon in a major SNAFU.

  • Thickness: 2mm (Shovel Head)

  • Handle: Hardwood.

  • Overall Length: 20.50″

  • Weight: 1.60 lbs.


Easy to stow away, soft shackles take up minimum space in your SNAFU Kit with virtually no added weight and unlike a steel shackle – it will never rust.

Featuring a simple yet highly effective self-tightening loop design becomes stronger as more tension is applied ensures the knot won’t slip off during use.

It forms a loop that’s flexible enough to wrap around the most difficult to reach anchor points on your ATV/UTV to create a closed-loop connection for the SNAFU Kit kinetic recovery rope.

Soft shackles are a single piece construction made from ultra high performance fibers that are stronger than steel. Soft Shackles float in the water and are UV resistant.


Safety Gloves protect your hands in the toughest SNAFU. Leather lined palms add another layer of protection. Safety cuffs protect skin from the elements.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 in

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