For midsize and half ton vehicles with a winch.

“M” stands for “Mike” in the military’s phonetic alphabet. Forty Mike-Mike ammo cans house linked forty millimeter grenades for the fully automatic MK19 grenade launcher, a weapon currently in use by the US Military.

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Kit Contents: 

SNAFU KIT AMMO CAN: 40MM “Forty Mike Mike:” approx. 19” L x 6″ W x 10″ H

The SNAFU KIT ammunition cans are constructed from rugged carbon steel and aluminum. 

These ammo cans are official decommissioned equipment from the US military. They may have a few minor scratches, small dings, and dents. These cans have been used on military ranges across the country and are the same type of cans used in war zones across the world. These have been used by the US Military since 1942. The imperfections tell the story. Patinas of freedom. 

US Military ammo cans are constructed from rugged metal (carbon steel and aluminum). They feature a hinged lid with tension clamp down, a waterproof rubber seal on the lid and carrying handles. 


The D-Ring is probably the most important off-roading tool you can carry. It offers you a location to attach straps for recovery and is a must have on any 4WD vehicle during a SNAFU.

D-ring shackles create safe attachment points for straps instead of wrapping straps around the ball of the hitch. D-ring shackles can be used with tow straps, snatch straps, tree savers and snatch blocks.

Pin & Shackles Included: Equipped with a 3/4 inch D-ring shackles with industry grade 7/8 -inch pin ideal for winching, rigging and recovery.

Each shackle can support a working load limit up to 4.75 tons. 

SNAFU KIT shackles are sturdy, long-lasting, weather-resistant, fireproof, waterproof, and rustproof. 


Winch Rope Extensions are for situations where your nearest anchor point is further than the length of your existing winch rope. 3/8″ Winch Rope Extensions are made of Heavy-Duty, lightweight synthetic rope with a minimum breaking strength of 20,000 lbs.

High strength and lightweight, this winch rope is water resistant and floats. The winch rope is kink-proof and retains original shape without fraying.

The winch rope is UV, chemical and weather resistant.  The rope has little stretch to prevent recoil in the unlikely event of breakage.


Heavy duty carbon steel military style entrenching shovel for off road, camping, digging in dirt, sand, mud, and snow. Shovel folds down for quick and convenient storage inside a durable Cordura nylon protective carry case.

Shovel is made of  high quality 40Mn steel, the handle is Q195Mn steel with an enhanced 2mm thick blade and 2.5mm thick pick

Shovel also includes a bottle opener, hex wrench and nail pull. One side of the shovel has sawtooth blades to cut and saw.


A snatch block is a heavy-duty pulley inside a metal casing. Snatch blocks are used to increase the lifting or pulling capacity of wire hoists and winches. The blocks extend the life of winch motors by reducing the winch load.

Snatch blocks allow you to change the direction of a winch’s cable by off-setting the anchor point, allowing a three-point motion pull. Sturdy and durable, snatch blocks are ideal for recovery situations.

When used in conjunction with a winch, a snatch block increases the winch’s power considerably, allowing for a smoother, easier winching process.

Powder coated for added durability.

Capacity: 10 Ton

Maximum Load Limit: 22,000 lbs

Max rope diameter: 12mm/ 15/32″


A Tree Hugger is an easy-to-use tool to winch yourself out of a SNAFU without destroying the landscape around you..

The Tree Hugger is made from 3 inch wide 100% polyester webbing. After wrapping or hugging it around a tree keeps your winch cable from ripping the bark off the tree. Tough Cordura covers the synthetic webbing to give added web protection easily attaching a joining shackle.

The Tree Hugger is super strong with the breaking strength of 58,000 lbs when wrapped around a tree or some other stationary object. 3” wide x 6’ long


Safety Gloves protect your hands in the toughest SNAFU. Leather lined palms add another layer of protection. Safety cuffs protect skin from the elements.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 14 in

Recon Black, OD Green, Gun Metal Gray, Desert Sand, Signal Red

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